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(We Don’t Need This) - Fascist Groove Thang - electric lady sessions - LCD Soundsystem
Traum und Existenz - KOMPROMAT
russian porn magazine - Vladimir Dubyshkin
Track About Good Cop - Pussy Riot
A Model Of Order - UVB
Superior Race - Dopplereffekt
Rave Against the System - Vitalic, Kiddy Smile
Clerical Perversions - Unconscious
The Valley of Wraiths - Codex Empire
Danse sociale - Essaie Pas
Der Mussolini - Giorgio Moroder & Denis Naidanow Remix - DAF
Nothing is Safe - clipping.
Geigerzähler / Radioaktivität - Kraftwerk
Citizens - Schwefelgelb Remix - Randolph & Mortimer
Too Deep - Multiple Man Remix - Kontravoid
This Is the End - Tamburi Neri, Hiroko
Black Celebration - Black Tulip Mix - Depeche Mode, Rico Conning

Special guests: Vladimir Putin, Donald J. Trump, Xi Jinping, Ri Chun-Hee, Senator Orrin Hatch, Mark Zuckerberg

Cover by One Eye Sun

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