Selected by ASHA
@teeayshe | DJ, radio-host and journalist from Bern, Switzerland | Looking forward to come to Italy, will arrive at Milano Centrale at 21.40, thanks for picking me up, a presto & baciii ❤️


“The mix I made contains different genres likebass, ghetto, breaks, rave and somehow ends around jungle. while selecting the tracks and vibes I imagined myself to be playing a kind of warm-up or maybe heating up set at a squatted warehouse-place in the outskirts of Milano. the vibe is like: it's not peak time yet but it sure will be when I'm done.”

Khezu - Mafou
Urutau - Bungalovv
Hammerhead- DJ Polo x NKC
Grunge Things - Luru
fuck - mediessa
Undertaker - Miss Jay
Espejos - ROOi
HUMO - INVT & Coffintexts
Wellness - Kaval
skee (w/lark) - KAVARI
Vc n vai me conquistar - Larissinha
Varanasi - Ayesha
All the Ravers - Shinobi Yurei
Necka Pill - Doctor Jeep
Breaks in Disguise - bambinodj
Pah - DJ Love
Milkshake (Harka Bootleg) - Harka
B1 The 212 - Unknown Artist
More Water (Original Warehouse Mix) - Foamek
Break yo' Self - Bolam
X02 - Manao
ELASTIC ft. Isabella Lovestory - ZDBT & SMP ft. Prad
Rattlesnake - Papa Nugs
Talk 2 her - Moodrich
gin and clout - mezer
Turn Up - Hyroglifics & Sinistarr
New Yorks Finest VIP - Deft
Jungle Teknah - Sherelle
Am Kru - High Time

Cover by mor.morio

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